eath faces all of us. But there's a lack of imagination which accompanies our passage. Until now, the handling of death has been regimented and boring; limited by those who control it, whether the State, church, morticians, or our survivors. At The Final Curtain, we are throwing away all the rules.

The Final Curtain is a series of memorial parks dedicated to creative souls. Those who are laid to rest here are memorialized by their own creations, which serve as both tomb and eternal exhibit of their most personally meaningful work.

At the Final Curtain, clients are encouraged to develop site-specific works of passage -- their own tombstones, mausoleums, caskets, or urns -- as homage to their lives and their spirit.

Or, if they prefer to become a perpetually kinetic testament of life as they knew it, they may join our time share program through which we transport their remains to several of our parks on a rotational basis.

The Final Curtain provides a unique bridge between the living and the dead. The jewel-like physical setting of our memorial parks encourages joyful contemplation of the triumph of the creative spirit.

Visitors are encouraged to enjoy and interact with the artists' own celebrations of their lives in a place where life can be immortalized with irreverence and humor rather than by the morbid display of funereal pomp.

Whether you plan to visit our beautifully landscaped grounds to enjoy the outpouring of creativity by artists contemplating the final and most enduring of life's mysteries, or to design for yourself a final repose in this vibrant haven,

Welcome to The Final Curtain.