Memorial Park

The Memorial Park is the cemetery proper. This section of the park encompasses the artists' Monument Gardens as well as the Timeshare Greenhouse and various edifices and entertainment areas.

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Monument Gardens

The Monument Gardens are the premiere feature of each Final Curtain cemetery. Each burial plot is adorned by a permanent monument created by the artist who is or will eventually be interred within. These sculptures are the artists' final testament and offering to the world.

Visitors are encouraged to move amidst the monuments and, in many cases, to interact with them. Each Final Curtain memorial theme park will be a unique experience due to the diverse artists represented at each location.

Final Curtain artists will create their monuments in a 10'x10' space which is surrounded by a generous 20' walkway for ease of viewing. The Final Curtain maintains a scrupulous commitment to making all possible facilities available to the artist: each plot is fully served by water, electricity, and appropriate technologies in addition to industry-standard groundskeeping.

The landscape of The Final Curtain has been designed to complement the overall palette concept as well as the architecture. All of the trees and plants have been hand-selected for their hue and shape. These attributes, in addition to density of plantings, will create the artist's palette effect of the park. As the leaf colors change according to season, so does the palette.

Appropriate species have been selected for proposed Final Curtain theme parks based on the specific climate.

Timeshare Greenhouse

Members of the Final Curtain's Timeshare program will experience mobility after death. This program allows for travel through the hereafter in perpetual luxury and comfort. Clients who have chosen to be cremated may participate in this program.

The Timeshare Greenhouse will architecturally resemble a futuristic spaceship. It will house timeshare urns as well as permanent urns.

The Greenhouse will also provide resting compartments for permanent urns.

The client's urn may travel between any Final Curtain memorial theme parks on a timeshare rotational basis. This program permits the client to spend the autumn in New York, summer in California, spring in Paris, and winter in Sydney or any seasonal arrangement so desired. The Timeshare program enables one to be a free spirit for eternity.

Eternal Flame

On a hill overlooking the Lake and Amphitheater, a massive rectangular black granite wall stands engraved with the names of innumerable Art Critics. At the center of this solitary structure, a huge menacing flame burns in testament to the vitriol and spiteful tongues of the not-so-dearly departed. Guests perusing this structure will find the floor of the monument sloping down towards the base of the Eternal Flame. A doorway is located at the base of the Flame and is the entrance to Dante's Grill.

Lake and Amphitheater

In the western section of the Monument Park, a palette-shaped lake of sky blue water surrounds a world class Amphitheater. Large fountains periodically rocket torrents of water high into the sky and cascade tears of joy back down to the surface of the water. After sunset, the fountains come to life with the accents of multicolored lights beneath the surface of the water, scattering reflections and rainbows on the passing visitors. A granite bridge spans the surface of the Lake to bring visitors to their seats, where they can enjoy theater, music recitals, operas, poetry and fiction readings, as well as daily passion plays. Artist are encouraged to set up trusts for perpetual concerts and performances.

Graffiti Wall

Visitors are encouraged to express themselves on the Graffiti Walls located in the visual arts/graffiti gardens. The Graffiti Walls provide a tangible means in which visitors may express their own thoughts and feelings.

Contributions to the Graffiti Wall remain as an inspiration and guide to subsequent visitors &emdash; a concrete representation of the evolutionary/revolutionary impact of art.

Children's Playground

A portion of the Memorial Park will be designated as a Children's Playground. Artists who wish to design interactive monuments suitable for child's play may locate their plots in this location.

The Final Curtain prides itself on being a fulfilling family experience. Visitors will find The Final Curtain to be not only entertaining but educational and inspirational for all ages.