Each Final Curtain memorial theme park will be equipped with facilities providing the utmost comfort and ease. These include a memorial service area, connecting tunnels, public restrooms and telephones.

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Ticket Sales Booths

A darkened tunnel with thematic art installations connects the Purgatory Parking Lot with the Pearly Gates Ticket Sales Booths. As visitors approach they are greeted by towering mother of pearl and faux ivory gates which stretch away in both directions to surround the cemetery. Attendants at the entrance booths stand with white scrolls and rolls of tickets. The scrolls list the names of those who have made reservations, and the tickets are for sale.

Admissions tickets are sold daily from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Park hours are 7:00 am to midnight.

Visitor Center

A simple two-story white building is located in the center of a large courtyard just beyond the archways of the Pearly Gates Ticket Sales Booths. Marble stones set into a field of stark white sand lead directly to the doors of the Visitor Center. Guests must pass through the Visitor's Center to access the rest of the park, and once inside are encouraged to view the scale model of the park and sign up for hourly guided tours. Also on display are current featured artists and monuments, as well as a list of the traveling exhibits. Additionally, the Visitor Center has pocket maps and pamphlets available for the casual visitor, and schedules for the complimentary park trams.

Service Quarters

Service Quarters are located inconspicuously throughout the park to house the numerous ground keeping devices and emergency clean-up tools. Service Quarters are connected to the Service Tunnels which span the length of the park and are vital to its seamless upkeep, and unobtrusive waste removal.

Security Offices

The park has a network of security offices located far beneath the surface of the grounds. Connected by its own set of Security Tunnels and utilizing surveillance devices modeled into simulated monuments and headstones, the Security Team is well equipped to police malicious guests and react quickly to unwelcome situations.

Memorial Service Area

The Final Curtain has four facilities available for memorial services. Arrangements may be made for space rentals in two-hour increments. Amenities include full staging areas for pre-service preparations. Catering arrangements for post-service receptions may be made with either of The Final Curtain's restaurants, or outside services may be retained.

The Final Curtain will be pleased to coordinate efforts with the funeral home of the family's choice in these matters.

Connecting Tunnels

Subterranean, interconnecting tunnels span the entire breadth of the park. These walkways allow for unobtrusive pedestrian traffic throughout the site. Each opening into the tunnel system is situated near key areas within the park to permit quick access to favorite locations. These passageways are infused with ambient world music.


The park is equipped with fully handicapped accessible restrooms and baby changing areas. Inside each restroom guests will find singular, private commodes, and elegant washing stands. Each restroom also has a perpetually flowing drinking fountain of non-denominational holy water.

Public Phones

Each of the public telephones on site is situated within a personal and peaceful "casket". These soundproof structures provide complete privacy and solitude for guests to conduct communications.